Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions :

No Guarantees

The products (hardware and software) are provided as indicated on this page.
Exchanges may be made in this time frame, leaving it to the requester expenses related to handling and delivery by mail.

There’s no guarantee contemplated to the equipments involved, aside from the Dream IDE Reborn. Excluding, among others, any guarantee or support to the equipment which the card is being installed, and the manpower involved in it.

There’s no guarantee on the manpower not done by us;
No guarantee on the quality of the components of the modified device, not taking responsibility for the malfunctioning of the modified device after install of the Dream IDE Reborn in regard of the age of the modified device, we cannot certify quality of reliability of the modified device.
No guarantees to any violations on rights and copyrights owned by third-parties.
No guarantees for the installations, accuracy and confiability of the installation and the results of using the modified devices.
Buyer owns all risks of modding his device.
No regret, refunds and limited availability :

Sales are made to end users and for this reason there won’t be any reimbursements.
If for any reason we can’t make it like we promised, the price paid will be converted in credits for aquisition of other services described in our page.


1 – Shipping Orders will not occur until 5 working days after payment. If any problem arises with the order ,You will be notified with an email to explain what has happened.

2- I´m not responsible if package for some unknow reason was lost in your country;

3-  I can´t presume how long it will take to you. It depends of local postal services from your contry.

4- I´m not responsible if you bought product and your actual address is different than your  payment method account

5- I´m not responsible if you buying  any product my but you is about to move to another address.