Install Instructions

Carefully follow the instructions below. Do it with no hurry. See the board, take it in your hands, see all conections.

See images and videos at the final of pics. It will help you to do a good service

1) If your Dream IDE Reborn is V2, please caution with this 5v below. If is V1 or 3, just bypass this step and go to step 4.


2) Put a insulating tape in that point




4) I recommend you use solder flux to make things much better.






7) Its time to solder. Remember: do it with caution, in a free table, with space, with calm. Light hand in soldering iron, dont force tip of solder in hole. Just touch in corner of hole and with other hand touch the pad with solder. Dont hold tip of soldering iron more than 5 seconds in each hole. If you need to apply more solder, take the tip out, breath and touch again for more 5 seconds. Each time you touch the pcb, keep it in mind ok?

See my video soldering here:

Before you solder connector, check all points here:



After solder dream ide reborn: