Dream IDE Reborn Rev.4 Avaiable!


Dream IDE Reborn costs $35 usds / piece. Shipping costs is $10 per unit.


For international Costumers, PP is accepted.

Clientes Brasileiros:

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Não trabalho com recebimento e envio de consoles via correios, nem aceito pagamento via Mercado Pago, ou Mercado envios. Não crio anúncio no mercado livre, não vendo nenhum projeto por lá. 

Notice to international Costumers:

The only Official international Reseller from all Gametracks products is Jake Pearse, from UK (site http://www.dcmod.co.uk), or this page, or my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/consertoseuvideogame.

Nota aos clientes brasileiros:

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Package contains:

1pc – Dream IDE Reborn pcb;

1pc -90º Right Angle box 2×20 connector (in case of out of stock, i will send straight connector)

*Dreamshell is a FREE software and definitely i´m not selling it. You can download and burn it in a disc here:

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Package and Shipping

If you want more than 3 pieces please contact before informing qty to calculate shipping

I send via Priority Registered Mail. Your item can be trackable. Costs is $10 usds*.

Until 3 pieces i can send in a simple dvd box, will come 3 pcbs, 3 connectors but just one dreamshell cd.


1 – Shipping Orders will not occur until 5 working days after payment. If any problem arises with the order ,You will be notified with an email to explain what has happened.

1.1- I´m not responsible if package for some unknow reason was lost in your country;

1.2-  I can´t presume how long it will take to you. It depends of local postal services from your contry.

1.3- I´m not responsible if you bought product and your actual address is different than you informed me before

1.4- I´m not responsible if you buying but you is about to move to another address.

2-I will respect any payment, any costumer, sending in line, from first payment to last payment. Keep calm, because my answer is organic and not an automatic email, i will answer one by one, that´s my way to do my best for you. But i have many emails to answer.

2.1 I am the only person working in this. I have family, college and a job. So keep in mind if i delay to answer you, i´m not ignoring you, its many people worldwide sending me emails. Keep in mind that also I have a life out of internet.

3- If your package is lost in your country, address outdated, its not my fault. I will not send for another address different of paypal account. So be sure of pass me your correct address.

*If I need to charge more (for example due to exotic shipping destination) I will contact you first to confirm.

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